Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Was Right

Just as I suspected… Urban Burger Company turns out a great product. After reading my review of Urban Bar-B-Que, yesterday, Steven said, well… we better go to the Burger place and see if it’s any good. In fact… it is fantastic.

Housed in a former Chicken Out Restaurant, Urban Burger has chosen a Navy theme, with Navy paraphernalia, plaques, hats and photos dotting the space. A clever idea, since all Chicken Outs are covered head to toe in “Navy Blue” tile. Life gives you lemons… why not decorate like you meant to have “Navy Blue” tiles on every flat exposed surface.

Simple fare here. I liked the menu choices and layout. Step One: Pick a meat. Step Two: Pick a Style. Step Three: Pick your extra stuff you want on your meat for $.50 more. Then you can order your sides, beverages and go sit down. Someone will call you when it’s ready.

We ordered the Black Angus Burger, "Franks Favorite" style cooked medium well, and Senator Ed’s Sausage, "Blazing Saddle" style. For sides we ordered the hand-cut French fries and the Onion Rings with spicy remoulade.

The burger came with swiss cheese and two onion rings. The sausage, made fresh by Binkert’s of Baltimore was studded with garlic, chiles and caraway seeds then topped with the homemade two alarm chili, cheddar cheese and green onions, served on a toasted hoagie roll.

Just like Urban Bar-B-Que, the sausage was the standout, but there was nothing wrong with that burger. It was perfectly cooked, meaty and juicy. The sausage was split-grilled with nice crispy edges and a snappy natural casing that seems to be so hard to find these days. The two-alarm chili lived up to it's two-alarm rating without being overly spicy.

Sides were good, although the fries could have been hotter. Still, they were quality fries, obviously produced in house from fresh spuds and fried in peanut oil. Scrummy. The onion rings were hot and crisp, not too greasy and tasted all the better when dipped in Urban's horseradish remoulade.

My final assessment, if you’re going to go Urban go Urban Burger and leave the barbecue to someone else.

5566 Norbeck Rd
Rockville, MD 20853

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Mick said...

Sounds great -- and I'll bet, after all the sausage, onions and garlic, you were a great kisser! ;)