Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cetrone's Pizza

Please trust me when I tell you that it is not because Steven has hounded me for weeks to include a post on the blog about his favorite “in the hood” pizza joint, Cetrone’s that you are reading these words right now. I do so willingly, because, the truth of the matter is, Cetrone’s makes a great pizza.

Located on a forgotten stretch of old Annapolis Road (the remains of a “redirected” stretch of MD450) in a forgotten strip mall that now houses a church among other things. The dining room isn’t much to look at, although, they do have some great photos of Bowie and Prince George’s county that will be of some local interest. Also, there is not much more on the menu I would order besides the pizza.

There are neither chicken wings nor any other appetizers really. You can order a salad. Chopped Iceberg lettuce accompanied with the Ken’s Salad Dressing packet of your choice.

But the pizza…

Not your typical pizza joint. Cetrone’s makes a St. Louis style pizza sans the Provel cheese. It’s a cracker crisp crust with a zesty sauce and loaded with fresh ingredients. There is nothing out of the ordinary about the toppings, but they are all of high quality. Steven and I resemble a pair of Dyson Vacuums when we eat pizza and that extra thin crust means you can gobble it down about as fast as it comes out of the kitchen. We like it simple. Good ole’ Pepperoni or a Sausage and Mushroom pie will do nicely, thank you.

If the lack luster dining room doesn’t appeal to you, Cetrone’s does deliver, and they do a huge carryout business. They have a dedicated following and you can count Steven and I among the believers.

Cetrone's Pizza
BOWIE MD 20720
(301) 805-1656


Mick said...

I have been a fan of their pizza for about a decade -- Cetrone's is easily the best pizza in Bowie. And their delivery service is by far the fastest in the area, which makes it nice when you get a craving for a Cetrone's pizza, but don't want to schlep over to the restaurant. Domino's, Pizza Hut, Papa John's -- eat your hearts out!

Tami said...

Have you ever had Pryor's Pizza in Rolla? I go there to eat, before I do another thing when I arrive in town. MY FAVORITE! I have never been anywhere that has the same stlye.