Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FreshFarm Market Annapolis

Glory Hallelujah! FreshFarm has come to Annapolis! The folks who brought you the Dupont Circle FreshFarm market, along with several others, has opened a new location at the Annapolis harbor. Steve and I ran down for the inaugural launch and they did not disappoint.

Criteria for vendors at a Freshfarm Market include, that you must be located within the Chesapeake bay region and you may only sell what you have either grown or made yourself. With that said, there is a definite slant towards sustainable and organic product of high quality. Offerings include: Quail Creek Bakery, Cherry Glen Goat Cheese Co, Flower vendors, Springfield Lamb, Local produce featuring early tomatoes, mini cucumbers, herbs, sweet cherries, asparagus, strawberries and much more.

We also snagged some delicious homemade gazpacho and mushroom empanadas for later. Local favorite, Chef Jim Wilder of the Wild Orchid Cafe was on hand for food demonstrations. We watched as he prowled the market for ingredients but were unable to stay for his show.

There is plenty of room for expansion and we have high hopes that as the season progresses, even more vendors will join in. The market is open Sundays only, June 1 - October 5. 8AM - 12PM.If you live in the area and you are serious about food, then PLEASE don't miss this opportunity for yourself and for Anne Arundel County.
Donner Parking Lot, Compromise St, Annapolis, MD 21405 (202) 362-8889

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