Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The fine folks who brought you Mendocini in Georgetown and Sonoma on Capitol Hill have done it again with their new venture, Redwood. In a word... spectacular. We were on our way to Uncle Julio's for Mexican food when I noticed that Redwood was open and serving. I've been stalking them through the pre-opening stage and have been anticipating this day. Steve and I ran in, just to get a peek at the menu... It was love at first site. Uncle Julio would have to wait.

The decor is upscale, chic, comfortable and elegant.

For a starter we had the chicken liver mousse with pickled figs. The mousse was rich and flavorful and the sweet figs, which seemed more like wine poached than pickled to me, made the perfect foil for the pate.

For my entree, I ordered the day scallops. The sweetest, plumpest most perfectly seared scallops I've ever tasted. They were served on a bed of mashed potatoes in a seafood and morel mushroom reduction studded with fresh herbs, roasted trumpet mushrooms and pea shoots. Steven had the Rosa Andes Pork Loin, served medium, over creamy grits with "melted" vidalia onions and demi glace. It also came with one roasted pork rib. Truly exceptional.

We loved the house bottled sparkling water, using the Aqua-Health System. We were brought lemon and lime for the water, but after one drink, I wouldn't have dared muddy that libation with citrus.

Moana, our server was delightful. I can count on one hand the times I've had service that was as personable, knowledgable and as, genuinely great. I would go back to Redwood just to see her.

Desserts are a MUST. I had the chocolate torte with peanut butter mousse. It was REALLY rich and if you aren't a chocoholic it may be too much. I, on the other hand, finished every bit of it and wanted more. Steven had the butterscotch pudding with pistachio cookies. Who knew butterscotch pudding could become something transcdendant. The holy grail of pudding.

They are still in soft-opening mode, but this was their first full night. If there were any bugs to work out, I didn't see them. This was as close to flawless as I can remember.

Redwood Restaurant and Bar
7121 BETHESDA LANE, BETHESDA, MD 20814 301.656.5515


Tami said...

Next time I come to see you, this is where I want to go! I want what Steve had!

Patrick said...

Oh Yeah. It was fantastic!

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