Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fresh Lima Beans

Most of us only see these beautys in a bag at the back of the freezer with perma-frost on them. You know... they've been lurking there since last Thanksgiving's Succotash extravaganza. If you can find them fresh, however, it's a whole new ball game.

I sauteed mine with shiitake mushrooms and prosciutto ham. Delicious.


Alex Rushmer said...

Hi Patrick, in answer to the question, I find dried chickpeas slightly meatier than canned but canned do tend to make better hummus. However, dried are essential for making falafel because they need to be raw before they are ground and fried. I'll be posting the recipe in the next few days.

Also, just noticed you're a fan of The Shins - great band. I saw them live a few months back. Awesome.

Patrick said...

Thanks Alex. I will definitely look for the recipe. I love falafel.